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Required: Anti-Rape Squad!

I would voice for a anti-Rape Squad! We all can be members! I know it asks for a number of debates! I am sure, this idea can be implemented..
@Amrita I understand your anger! and I empathize!


Chances are you didn’t know. And even if you did you just browsed through it on the net or read it in the morning paper and moved on to TV to keep yourself abreast about what was happening after the rape of the 23-year-old girl in Delhi.

On December 7, 11 of the accused of the Guwahati molestation case have been given two years of jail term while four, including the journalist who covered the event, have been acquitted. For more details go to: http://blog.tehelka.com/guwahati-molestation-case-verdict-pricks-many-uncomfortable-questions/

But as Tehelka journo RATNADIP CHOUDHURYwrites : While the incident evoked a sharp response, it seems nobody cared about the judgment. No women rights groups were present in the court premises; there was hardly any reaction on the judgment from civil society who were up in arms to fight for proper justice for the victim. The fact that they did not bother to express their…

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Can we have more Santa(s) please?

This Christmas, you have enjoyed a lot. Didn’t you? Your foes, your friends, your parents and most of the folks you see around had enjoyed Christmas. But do you see the boy serving at the tea stall near the main road? He hardly had the scope to know about Santa Claus. Not at least in this lifetime.

Can you visit us more often?
Can you visit us more often?

My story starts from here. A very famous, rather intellectual Bengali singer – song writer, made his point very clear in one of his songs that despite the unfathomable sufferings, we would all like to have a tight sleep and a colourful dream in the month of December. But today’s Santa seems to be unhappy with our world. Reindeer are almost in the list of extinct species but more than that he himself does not like to visit the planet any more. However, this winter Santa is definitely coming to the town and especially to Delhi…

It was almost a week before the Christmas when a pretty girl in her early twenties was out in the capital of our country. She was late. She boarded a bus. Suddenly she was trapped by four to five wolves who were trying their best to tear her into pieces. She was afraid. She was alone. Santa saw this happening but he could not help. It was not the Christmas Eve. The chimneys were yet to be cleared, the red socks were not put on the hooks around the walls, and the Christmas cakes were not ready. Santa was helpless too. He saw the girl getting comatose. She was dragged and thrown and still no one came to help her.

The girl was sleeping… in one of the most posh nursing homes of the capital, she was aided with all sorts of life supporting gears. She was smiling in her dreams. Everyone thought she was actually contented with the candle marches, with the silent remonstrating, with the protests against this abysmal incident. Or was it something else? What was she dreaming about? She saw Santa coming down the starry path. The sparkling reindeer were rushing through the busy streets of Delhi. Santa reached her bed in the nursing home. She sat up. She was not amazed. Santa took out chocolates, cakes, fruits, toys. She was smiling. Santa was not aware that she had little strength to enjoy the sweetest things on the earth. Santa kissed her forehead and went away.

A tea toast from Santa!
A tea toast from Santa!

Why did Santa come? Was it God’s way of apology? Or is it just a plot that could be really reeled into cinema? When you get hurt, and you actually find too many apologies, it becomes synonymous to the pain of “little” or “no” apology. She is like that little boy at the tea stall, who greets the customers, serves them throughout the day. However, he just dreams about the culmination of this anguish once and for all. But he is helpless. He has to earn and she has to get well. There are too many wolves all around the world. We cannot kill them. In fact, we cannot distinguish them in broad day light. But what we can do is, we can ask for more Santa(s) – a Santa who can actually come on his sledge anytime and not wait for a Christmas.

Signing off till I find a better glass of cardamom tea…

Shreya Goswami.

Guest Author @ mymotionpicture!

A grey matter perspective!!

Another sight of a dream on the distant horizon!
Another sight of a dream on the distant horizon!

An old shot. This vision is a part and parcel of my city life and it certainly triggers some of the most unknown emotions of my life…

Rain and my city does have an uncanny relationship.. Lets not describe it!
Rain and my city does have an uncanny relationship.. Lets not describe it!

However, Life still pours out all its love and care in the form of those drops and I get drenched every morning…

Bridging Life - on the blade of a Kn!fe..
Bridging Life – on the blade of a Kn!fe..

The road that takes me to childhood and the same road that brings me to my youth… Lets not forget my love and offer her a kiss.. Those journeys are still so special!

Unless you see my city, you never know how beautiful it it.. Period.
Unless you see my city, you never know how beautiful it is.. Period.

A rainy afternoon or a cold winter morning would always evoke the artist in every soul that this city inhabits and will urge you to come and embrace nature with open arms and smiling lips!

Till next time, I find enough courage to pen down my emotions on this virtual medium. Have great festive season and will all of you a merry Christmas!

Signing off..

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What is still wrong with Indian Cinema???

In a 1948 article entitled, “What is Wrong with Indian Films,” Ray criticized India’s movement away from art and towards either musicals or heavy mysticism:
The raw material of the cinema is life itself. It is incredible that a country which has inspired so much painting and music and poetry should fail to move the movie maker. He has only to keep his eyes open, and his ears. Let him do so.

The "Ray" of hope for Indian Cinema!
The “Ray” of hope for Indian Cinema!

After thousands of years of cultural ecstasy any individual will tend to believe that cinema, rather Indian cinema would reflect something of a corresponding breadth and depth. Unfortunately, in India, quite the contrary is true, especially after the explosion of trade affairs associated with the art of film making and a development of entertainment industry known as “Bollywood”. It is quite evident that the low tastes of people are governed by the media and their perspectives in terms of box-office collections. However, is this really a reflective excuse to go completely brain-dead? It’s like a plague of spiritual dullness that is inculcated in our minds. And the effort was quite deliberate to keep the common man under control.

Even after 64 years of that article of which the extract mentioned above is a part; Indian cinema is still an amateur form of art that never gets proper recognition and decree in terms of international standards. What is still wrong with Indian cinema? It is so sad to re-visit Ray’s ideas and still mention that Indian movies are on the same creative line and the development was merely technological curbing the quality of intellect in Indian movies. Barring a few personal efforts the entire scenario of film making is still dependent on baseless stories and dance sequences with 50 odd people dressed up in the same attire, dancing with the same steps. FCUK.. How pathetic!

What is still wrong in Indian Cinema?
What is still wrong in Indian Cinema?

However, the great Japanese author Akira Kurosowa once remarked, “Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon.

Two Great Film Director Satyajit Ray and Akira Kurosawa at the 1982 Venice Film Festival in Italy!
Two Great Film Director Satyajit Ray and Akira Kurosawa at the 1982 Venice Film Festival in Italy!

Even though Ray’s film was shot in B&W and in circumstances that were as impoverished as the world being portrayed in the film, the poetic concurrence of man to nature has hardly ever been done in a better way. There is actually very little plot to speak of, reminding one more of the improvised naturalness of De Sica’s Bicycle Thief than anything that had come before in Indian Cinema. The image and the sound are the real protagonists in this work of art. Once seen, who can ever forget those insects skitting along the surface of a pond, while the thrillingly precise accompaniment provided by the legendary Ravi Shankar finds just the right pulse of nature! Or Apu and Durga’s walk through a field of tall, white, willowy reeds as they discover a train outside their village. Or Durga’s ritual dance during the first monsoon rain. Or the terrifying night as the storm rips apart Durga’s room as she lies dying. Or the long-absent father’s approach to the crumbling house, the fallen Mango tree branch and the lone chewing cow. Each one of these images has infinitely more weight than the infinite factory of images supplied by Bollywood and most other cinemas of the country.

A still from Pather panchali - Satyajit Ray.
A still from Pather panchali – Satyajit Ray.
A still from Bicycle Thief!
A still from Bicycle Thief!

In addition, upon seeing DeSica’s The Bicycle Thief, Ray wrote in a 1951 essay, “The present blind worship of technique emphasizes the poverty of genuine inspiration among our directors,” Ray continued. “For a popular medium, the best kind of inspiration should derive from life and have its roots in it. No amount of technical polish can make up for artificiality of theme and dishonesty of treatment. The filmmaker must turn to life, to reality.” Mr. Ray also had the eye of a cinema poet and discovered an abundance of poetry in the reality of his mise-en-scene. Poetic justice was manifested with accurate camera angles and some pitch perfect vision. As if he could see the scenes he described on the script and could foresee them as a piece of art when they will reflect on a screen.

Quality suffers as quantity increases!
Quality suffers as quantity increases!

This article is not to assert the black sides of business quotients of the industry or to hamper the need of trade and economy but to lend a vision to all the upcoming film makers of this country. This is the time to make a mark and bring a change to the outlook of this profession. It is truly one of the most creative professions of the world and requires the creative efforts of many. So, why should we compromise the quality of the content of this form of art? Throughout the millennium, man has tried to enforce a standard of living that imitates a class just above their class. This has resulted in the death of real art and given senseless films a chance to make a mark on the box office and survive as a form of popular entertainment.

With due respect to all the film makers who sought inspiration from lives and made real life movies that depicted stories which connect to human emotions and expressions, Ray was perhaps the pioneer of cinema’s that had a vision.

A humble request to all who read this article: If you connect to my thoughts, propagate! Issued in public interest who love the art of film making or Cinema as a whole!

Looking back: “Development of authentic motion-picture criticism in India!


Talaash – Do watch it twice!

An honest thriller!
An honest thriller!

If you want to see an Indie Thriller that has everything.. Go and watch Talaash.. No words can adequately do justice to the enormous research, intensity and death-li-hood the entire story offers. This is one of the most well made Hindi films that I have watched in 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I believe class entertainment needs acceptance and recognition from the mass. Those who prefer films with senseless ethics should scan their taste buds properly. (Sorry!)

Rani- in a still from the movie!
Rani- in a still from the movie!
Kareena - making acting easier!
Kareena – making acting easier!

I would not hesitate to compare the likes of Barfi, Kahani, Gangs of Wasseypur, Chittagong, Vicky Donor with Talaash, as these movies had a difference in their approach and gave the crowd a fresh vision. Honest thriller stories need an honest effort to make its mark. However, this movie did set a different standard of well made thrillers in India.

Amir - spectacular as Always.
Amir – spectacular as Always.

I am sure it would have been an entire horror movie, had it been treated by some other directors. The magic of this movie lies in the fact that it demands a more than one watch*. I believe, like many others who did not like the ending of the movie the team who wrote the climax also had the same difficulty. But, believe me or not it does strike all the chords of rationality and still evokes a sense of eeriness. However, this is not a Ghost-story!

Mr. Siddiqui as Tehnur in Talaash!
Mr. Siddiqui as Tehnur in Talaash!

Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee were absolutely fantastic as far as the female leads are concerned. Even the other actors who portrayed the sultry lives of prostitutes in Mumbai made a mark with their small cameos. Mr. Siddiqui is making it a habit of giving some speechless performances and Mr. Amir Khan is awesome as always. I really wish to congratulate him personally and tell him, “You Rock, Sir!”

Mr. Siddiqui again! Respect!
Mr. Siddiqui again! Respect!

The music of the film was seemingly engrossing and the entire team who sewed the story together did a wonderful job. Director Reema Kagti after her debut with Honey moon travels Pvt. Ltd truly owe a standing ovation. She had the guts to feature some of the unseen streets of Mumbai and also had the courage to tell the crowd that, yes, this can be possible. The story is supernatural and so I filmed it. Hats off, Ma’am!

The search....
The search….

My Rating: 8/10. * Watch it more that once.. I am sure you’ll find something different!

Man of Steel trailer unveiled

Here he comes again!

The Ryanblog!

Man of Steel

Without a doubt next summer’s Man of Steel will be one of the biggest movie blockbusters of 2013. The long awaited second preview trailer of Zack Snyder’s comic adaptation was unveiled online last night and early impressions from fans and critics are extremely positive.

If you are yet to see it you can watch the full trailer in all its HD glory below:

I must admit I am not the biggest Superman fan in the world; however after watching this most recent trailer I am becoming increasingly excited about the man from Krypton’s big screen return.

The start of the trailer continues where the first one left off, opening in a peaceful and soothing manner introducing what looks like a drowning Clark Kent as he hears a reassuring speech from his earth mother telling him everything will be ok. This beginning to the trailer is wonderfully shot…

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Boycott senseless and effing cinemas in India! The Society bleeds heavily…

India is a land of tradition and culture. It accommodates religions of so vivid theories and beliefs. That brings to my mind a thought that Indians do have a taste of art and literature. Religion, I believe is best described with art and culture. The religious books, doctrines, shrines, temples, mosques, churches, stories, fables, hymns, carols and everything that actually describe each of the religion are nothing but a masterpiece of art. The artists who created each of those creations were religiously in favor of their religion and preached love for god and humanity.

Two film critics in an auditorium in Europe. an old picture!

If that is true, Indians should inherit the taste for art and culture in terms of songs, films, plays or any other forms of creative art that goes live for the audiences residing in the country. I am not speaking about preaching religion, I am voicing for creating sensible art.

If my readers are yet to understand my indication, I am speaking about the endless reels wasted in the name of commercial cinema. In a country where 75% of the people still fight for basics and more than 60% of the people hardly get to know what cinema or films are, the film makers of every genre do have a social responsibility of utilizing the money they get from their producers for the sake of betterment of the art.

The films made in Mumbai, South India and Kolkata (exceptions exist everywhere) depicts a very sad picture as far as good film making is concerned. The producers, directors, writers and everyone involved in films like “Khiladi 786 ” and the likes hardly care about making something that relates real world and the problems in the real society. I named one film as I can’t remember the names of other movies of this genre which people say “entertainment/ commercial”.

Black reels hurting arty Indians.
Was Barfi a non-commercial movie? Or Gangs of Wasseypur? Or films like “Chittagong”, “3 Idiots”, “Kahani” never made money? I feel movies like these serve all the purposes including raising funds for the makers.
The point is why waste money in making something so cheap and so demeaning in terms of art. And why do we still go to the theaters to watch something so trash as far as creativity is concerned. The love for cinema, the love for the art and an urge to make good cinema is all that is required and the rest can be digested. However, the recent facts and figures show us a sad picture of the nation with some silver linings.
India never had a film movement and that has really affected the entire nation’s perception of film watching and film making. I strongly feel, that people like us who prefer quality cinema over these wasted fund reels should raise our voice and ensure that the crowd resonate our call to stop this irresponsible profession and the people who profess it.

The word 'Cut', used more often by politicians than film makers!
I have already boycotted senseless movies and to those who make them I would say, “Even debt collectors make money. Stop being a pimp and respect the art you thought you will profess. If you can’t look at the sky and spit on the air, you will know gravity.”