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Required: Anti-Rape Squad!

I would voice for a anti-Rape Squad! We all can be members! I know it asks for a number of debates! I am sure, this idea can be implemented..
@Amrita I understand your anger! and I empathize!


Chances are you didn’t know. And even if you did you just browsed through it on the net or read it in the morning paper and moved on to TV to keep yourself abreast about what was happening after the rape of the 23-year-old girl in Delhi.

On December 7, 11 of the accused of the Guwahati molestation case have been given two years of jail term while four, including the journalist who covered the event, have been acquitted. For more details go to: http://blog.tehelka.com/guwahati-molestation-case-verdict-pricks-many-uncomfortable-questions/

But as Tehelka journo RATNADIP CHOUDHURYwrites : While the incident evoked a sharp response, it seems nobody cared about the judgment. No women rights groups were present in the court premises; there was hardly any reaction on the judgment from civil society who were up in arms to fight for proper justice for the victim. The fact that they did not bother to express their…

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Can we have more Santa(s) please?

This Christmas, you have enjoyed a lot. Didn't you? Your foes, your friends, your parents and most of the folks you see around had enjoyed Christmas. But do you see the boy serving at the tea stall near the main road? He hardly had the scope to know about Santa Claus. Not at least in …

What is still wrong with Indian Cinema???

In a 1948 article entitled, "What is Wrong with Indian Films," Ray criticized India's movement away from art and towards either musicals or heavy mysticism: “The raw material of the cinema is life itself. It is incredible that a country which has inspired so much painting and music and poetry should fail to move the …

Talaash – Do watch it twice!

If you want to see an Indie Thriller that has everything.. Go and watch Talaash.. No words can adequately do justice to the enormous research, intensity and death-li-hood the entire story offers. This is one of the most well made Hindi films that I have watched in 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I believe class entertainment needs …

Man of Steel trailer unveiled

Here he comes again!

The Ryanblog!

Man of Steel

Without a doubt next summer’s Man of Steel will be one of the biggest movie blockbusters of 2013. The long awaited second preview trailer of Zack Snyder’s comic adaptation was unveiled online last night and early impressions from fans and critics are extremely positive.

If you are yet to see it you can watch the full trailer in all its HD glory below:

I must admit I am not the biggest Superman fan in the world; however after watching this most recent trailer I am becoming increasingly excited about the man from Krypton’s big screen return.

The start of the trailer continues where the first one left off, opening in a peaceful and soothing manner introducing what looks like a drowning Clark Kent as he hears a reassuring speech from his earth mother telling him everything will be ok. This beginning to the trailer is wonderfully shot…

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Boycott senseless and effing cinemas in India! The Society bleeds heavily…

India is a land of tradition and culture. It accommodates religions of so vivid theories and beliefs. That brings to my mind a thought that Indians do have a taste of art and literature. Religion, I believe is best described with art and culture. The religious books, doctrines, shrines, temples, mosques, churches, stories, fables, hymns, …