Can we have more Santa(s) please?

This Christmas, you have enjoyed a lot. Didn’t you? Your foes, your friends, your parents and most of the folks you see around had enjoyed Christmas. But do you see the boy serving at the tea stall near the main road? He hardly had the scope to know about Santa Claus. Not at least in this lifetime.

Can you visit us more often?
Can you visit us more often?

My story starts from here. A very famous, rather intellectual Bengali singer – song writer, made his point very clear in one of his songs that despite the unfathomable sufferings, we would all like to have a tight sleep and a colourful dream in the month of December. But today’s Santa seems to be unhappy with our world. Reindeer are almost in the list of extinct species but more than that he himself does not like to visit the planet any more. However, this winter Santa is definitely coming to the town and especially to Delhi…

It was almost a week before the Christmas when a pretty girl in her early twenties was out in the capital of our country. She was late. She boarded a bus. Suddenly she was trapped by four to five wolves who were trying their best to tear her into pieces. She was afraid. She was alone. Santa saw this happening but he could not help. It was not the Christmas Eve. The chimneys were yet to be cleared, the red socks were not put on the hooks around the walls, and the Christmas cakes were not ready. Santa was helpless too. He saw the girl getting comatose. She was dragged and thrown and still no one came to help her.

The girl was sleeping… in one of the most posh nursing homes of the capital, she was aided with all sorts of life supporting gears. She was smiling in her dreams. Everyone thought she was actually contented with the candle marches, with the silent remonstrating, with the protests against this abysmal incident. Or was it something else? What was she dreaming about? She saw Santa coming down the starry path. The sparkling reindeer were rushing through the busy streets of Delhi. Santa reached her bed in the nursing home. She sat up. She was not amazed. Santa took out chocolates, cakes, fruits, toys. She was smiling. Santa was not aware that she had little strength to enjoy the sweetest things on the earth. Santa kissed her forehead and went away.

A tea toast from Santa!
A tea toast from Santa!

Why did Santa come? Was it God’s way of apology? Or is it just a plot that could be really reeled into cinema? When you get hurt, and you actually find too many apologies, it becomes synonymous to the pain of “little” or “no” apology. She is like that little boy at the tea stall, who greets the customers, serves them throughout the day. However, he just dreams about the culmination of this anguish once and for all. But he is helpless. He has to earn and she has to get well. There are too many wolves all around the world. We cannot kill them. In fact, we cannot distinguish them in broad day light. But what we can do is, we can ask for more Santa(s) – a Santa who can actually come on his sledge anytime and not wait for a Christmas.

Signing off till I find a better glass of cardamom tea…

Shreya Goswami.

Guest Author @ mymotionpicture!

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