Eye Witness

Another beautiful depiction of human emotions.. Eyes -witnessed by Steve’s eyes are mesmerizing and a treat for those longing hearts that wait for art and love of art forever…


Life Breath of Half the World

As the monsoons hit India, the drenched souls longed for something wet and serene. Steve gave me that much awaited peace of mind through all these wonderful photographs..
Truly spectacular!

The Life of Things

The Life of things as it says has so much to speak and so much to share..
Steve, as always have touched my heart with his wonderful framing of light and transformed some frames to real portraits. No words can adequately do justice to describe these snaps but the ones chosen by Steve alongside..
I would ask my visitors to see and feel the pictures and associate life with the life of things


Capturing Expressions…

Aged couple beside a temple in Dhakuria, Kolkata
A love, measuring time and challenging society with mere aesthetic power!!!

The journey of love and necessity and the urge for existence gives us the courage to live this (sometimes wretched) life with ease and grace. My attempt to capture some expressions that gave me food for thought at various cross-roads of my life is humbly displayed here..

An old man selling apples near Lal bazar, Kolkata
They say, ” An apple a day, keeps the doctor away…”

Some more graduating perceptions gave me a sensible eye to see through the hearts of people in distress and suffering from a deep anguish in some or the other reason. I have displayed some of my work with lens and light in my facebook album as well.

Kites,  rooftop, Viswakarma puja, Kolkata
While the kites were sent to sky, a message of love is conveyed to the ones for whom you cry…