Eyes as seen by Steve…

As if time personified their vision and the rhymes of some unheard poems resonated those eyes.. Simply spectacular!  


sweEt Pa!ns

Into the shadows of green meadows/ i shall wait for thee..
Into the light of lovely fights/ I shall read the verse of thee…

Gavriel's Muse

Sweet, sweet you are and I am
as two droplets of dew
approaching a precipice
of molded love, and we shall be!

Today silence moved in
as scenery of curves to my bed.
Is that the brightness of your eyes
walking on my chest?

I allowed and let enter
your dreams to my site,
getting used to the blushing
from your pale cheeks.

Tomorrow an Ivory Moon
will sing a serenade for us
and at the rumor of her fury
we will let go into the wind…
Dulce, dulce eres y soy
como dos gotas de rocío
acercándose a un precipicio
de amor moldeado; y seremos!

Hoy se mudo el silencio
como paisaje de curvas a mi lecho.
Es ese el brillo de tus ojos
paseando sobre mi pecho?

Me dejo y dejo que entren
tus sueños a mi recinto,
acostumbrándome al rubor
de tus mejillas pálidas.

Mañana la luna…

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Who else wants to save plants and animals out here???

I agree..
Being a Hero is tougher than being that regular bad guy!!!
I shall deliberately wear my underwear over my PANTS!!!


Amateur Cartographer


I resolve to leave my vigilante days behind me,
instead finding a less dangerous hobby
where I can still wear spandex.

I resolve to hand in my leather mask
because for one:
its not as fashionable in real life
as on the glossy models of Superheroes Weekly
because the ladies don’t seem to like it
and for two:
bad hair days on its removal
and for three:
thats’s none of your freaking business.

I resolve to hang up my cape,
maybe dangling on a clothesline or
telephone wire-lines scratched
in a bedpost that “I was here.”

I resolve to change my life,
because saving the world
is a rather dangerous business.
There are always fewer casualties
but they’re always more significant.

The problem with being a hero
is though I may save the lives
of countless plants and animals,
I have to be there to see
when the one person…

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