Talaash – Do watch it twice!

An honest thriller!
An honest thriller!

If you want to see an Indie Thriller that has everything.. Go and watch Talaash.. No words can adequately do justice to the enormous research, intensity and death-li-hood the entire story offers. This is one of the most well made Hindi films that I have watched in 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I believe class entertainment needs acceptance and recognition from the mass. Those who prefer films with senseless ethics should scan their taste buds properly. (Sorry!)

Rani- in a still from the movie!
Rani- in a still from the movie!
Kareena - making acting easier!
Kareena – making acting easier!

I would not hesitate to compare the likes of Barfi, Kahani, Gangs of Wasseypur, Chittagong, Vicky Donor with Talaash, as these movies had a difference in their approach and gave the crowd a fresh vision. Honest thriller stories need an honest effort to make its mark. However, this movie did set a different standard of well made thrillers in India.

Amir - spectacular as Always.
Amir – spectacular as Always.

I am sure it would have been an entire horror movie, had it been treated by some other directors. The magic of this movie lies in the fact that it demands a more than one watch*. I believe, like many others who did not like the ending of the movie the team who wrote the climax also had the same difficulty. But, believe me or not it does strike all the chords of rationality and still evokes a sense of eeriness. However, this is not a Ghost-story!

Mr. Siddiqui as Tehnur in Talaash!
Mr. Siddiqui as Tehnur in Talaash!

Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee were absolutely fantastic as far as the female leads are concerned. Even the other actors who portrayed the sultry lives of prostitutes in Mumbai made a mark with their small cameos. Mr. Siddiqui is making it a habit of giving some speechless performances and Mr. Amir Khan is awesome as always. I really wish to congratulate him personally and tell him, “You Rock, Sir!”

Mr. Siddiqui again! Respect!
Mr. Siddiqui again! Respect!

The music of the film was seemingly engrossing and the entire team who sewed the story together did a wonderful job. Director Reema Kagti after her debut with Honey moon travels Pvt. Ltd truly owe a standing ovation. She had the guts to feature some of the unseen streets of Mumbai and also had the courage to tell the crowd that, yes, this can be possible. The story is supernatural and so I filmed it. Hats off, Ma’am!

The search....
The search….

My Rating: 8/10. * Watch it more that once.. I am sure you’ll find something different!

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