Top five Hindi movies of 2012

As the entire country celebrated 100 years of Indian Cinema, I joined the party on my discretion and I am happy to figure out some exceptional qualities reflecting lately in Indie movies. The fact that there will be senseless movies in India and “keep your minds at home” comedies is almost accepted country wide. However, …


Top five Bengali films -2012

Some of us thought we will not make it to 2013. Some of us were hopeful enough to plan and fabricate new proposals for the fresh year. I was watching movies all the year round. (*Laughs!) For the audience in Bengal who express their happiness and sorrows in a language which is the second sweetest …

Dutta vs. Dutta – A story celebrating Life, Love and Music!

It is difficult to assess a film in India. It is even more difficult to assess a good movie in India. I am writing this with the hope that whoever reads this, understands life. Indian movies get released in theaters and then after a while DVDs hit the market. I watched Dutta vs. Dutta thrice …

We all want to stay in Hogwarts but are we all Harry Potter(s)?

Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion; since the 17th century, the methodical way has been the generally accepted way to explore, discover, and acquire new knowledge. The actual process of intellectual discovery, however, is rarely so simple or objective. The human mind often leaps from statement to conclusion with ease, and rushes impetuous into hypothesis. The …

Who else wants to save plants and animals out here???

I agree..
Being a Hero is tougher than being that regular bad guy!!!
I shall deliberately wear my underwear over my PANTS!!!


Amateur Cartographer


I resolve to leave my vigilante days behind me,
instead finding a less dangerous hobby
where I can still wear spandex.

I resolve to hand in my leather mask
because for one:
its not as fashionable in real life
as on the glossy models of Superheroes Weekly
because the ladies don’t seem to like it
and for two:
bad hair days on its removal
and for three:
thats’s none of your freaking business.

I resolve to hang up my cape,
maybe dangling on a clothesline or
telephone wire-lines scratched
in a bedpost that “I was here.”

I resolve to change my life,
because saving the world
is a rather dangerous business.
There are always fewer casualties
but they’re always more significant.

The problem with being a hero
is though I may save the lives
of countless plants and animals,
I have to be there to see
when the one person…

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How I perceived Calcutta 71 – A tribute to Mrinal Sen!

A young man completes his degree in Physics from Scottish Church College, Calcutta and then becomes a journalist. Political backdrops and unseen personal clashes drive him out of the city and compel him to be a medical representative and medicine seller in an unknown land. He comes back to his city to take up a …