Mindless Memoirs to Mandarmani!

A reminiscence… A story…


Sometime in Sept, 2009, 0400 hrs…:

The onset of dawn was trying to prove its presence through the thick Casuarinas (Jhau) shrubs; a pleasant breeze was disturbing her hair as she was trying to find the sea. I still had my shades on but felt that it was too dark to discover something even from a handshaking distance. Well, my eyes were not infected but they would still tell you that I should have stopped drinking a bit earlier last night. The entire trip was extremely musical for all my friends and I just woke up a few minutes back realizing that we were destined to see this wonderful morning in a place named Mandarmoni (163 km from Kolkata and 14 km from Digha) which was recently discovered as one of the most divine and secluded sea beaches in West Bengal…

As we head towards the sea and the sun…

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Dinosauria We… Are we really born like this?

Wishing you A very happy and prosperous Bengali New Year…
From the desk of My~motion~Picture///


Charles BukowskiBorn like this – into this

As the chalk faces smile

As Mrs. Death laughs

As the elevators break

As political landscapes dissolve

As the supermarket bag boy hold a college degree

As the only fish spit out their oily prey

As the sun is masked…


We are born like this – into this

Into these carefully mad wars

Into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness

Into bars where people no longer speak to each other

Into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings

Charles Bukowski1


Born into this …

Into Hospitals which are so expensive that it’s cheaper to die

Into lawyers who charge so much that it’s cheaper to plead guilty

Into a country where the jails are full and the madness closed

Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich Heroes


Born into this…

Walking and living through this

Dying because…

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Straight from my heart – Muddy E minor- (part-I)

A recent film by Gladly Mukhopadhay was screened at Gorky Sadan Kolkata. The film was named as “The eternal journey”, was a dedication to one of the premier Bauls of Bengal, Subol Das Baul. His contribution towards folk music and his preachings as depicted in the film are mesmerizing.
Respect and High regards from the desk of my-motion-picture!!!


Music has always been a mystical source of enlightenment and entertainment for a mind and soul that longs for realization. I feel music describes happiness of a heart and the sadness of a soul like no other form of art. It has the language that metaphorically connects to the soul of an individual and soothes the scars indented by this materialistic world.

Indian music has a number of layers that can hardly be argued on a mere blog page. The enormous and enriching resource of Indian music leaves me amazed every time I try to estimate its profundity. I am inclined to popular form of music. I prefer a form of music that promulgates hope for one and all, kind of music that speaks about life and its journey towards the ultimate truth. Indian folk music is one of those kinds.  My knowledge about the entire folk music culture of…

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The Life of Things

The Life of things as it says has so much to speak and so much to share..
Steve, as always have touched my heart with his wonderful framing of light and transformed some frames to real portraits. No words can adequately do justice to describe these snaps but the ones chosen by Steve alongside..
I would ask my visitors to see and feel the pictures and associate life with the life of things


Film criticism – Expecting more insight in film making…

In an attempt to describe and rate movies, the basic ethnicity of human instincts gets deceived very spontaneously. A film get released, hits the theaters, welcomed or rejected by audiences and then people speak about its success or failure stories. The entire routine of film making is more than what is described by the film critics in India. I wouldn’t have hesitated to name a few of them; however, a sense of gratification encapsulates my latent wishes. I am not writing this to criticize film critics in India, rather to reform the whole practice of film criticism in India. In one of my other articles in my-motion-picture, I voiced my opinion about development of authentic motion picture criticism in India and here I would like to speak some basic things about a proper film criticism. An expert observation and a comprehensive perception of the entire film should be the words of the film critic who happens to earn his living through these appraisals and excerpts.

I got filmed!
I got filmed!

If Pather Panchali marked an era in Indian film industry where potential contenders are recognized worldwide, the director of the film, Satyajit Ray should be accountable for his contribution towards the development of the film industry. Be it the Mumbai industry (Bollywood) or the prominent regional film industries in India. In one of his writings, Ray spoke about the dicey reviews and unprofessional approach of the film critics not only in India but also a few hailing from some developed countries of the world. In his words, “Since film critics repeatedly said that Pather Panchali was my best film, it naturally evoked a question in my mind; hasn’t the effect of criticism been beneficial to my art?

Long times; many a springs and autumns are wasted. We are living in 2013 and still film criticism in India is merely a profession where the so called intellectuals draw money for describing box office reports and how an item number is so high on the list of a commercial radio channel chart-buster! Pity… In terms of a promising criticism, a genuine film critic should ideally be a bridge between the film maker and the audiences. Some of the films made might not be ideal for the audiences of a particular region. Or, an adaptation from a novel might require some basic changes which should be readily accessible and reasonable to a film critic. However, the critics I read are mostly after the directors if a film fails to appeal in the first week. Similarly they praise some senseless cinemas which might see some bright opening due to the presence of a super star. I would echo Ray again and would like to request these film reviewers to drop their pens and rather establish their identity as someone from the crowd.

A film critic should have the knowledge and insight of the entire process of film making from scripting to editing. He should be clear with his sentences and descriptions which will enlighten the audiences about the pros and cons of a movie. I personally believe that a film maker or director hardly needs to know anything more about his own film. He knows where his movie excelled and what the limitations were. He, as a director has anchored the entire team to produce something that he would expect audience to relate to. In this scenario, if a critic cannot substantiate his words and describe the merits and demerits of the film, it is surely going to irritate the director. A critic, as I already mentioned, should recognize that a film is not a personal creation rather a joint venture. He should understand that a bad movie is not entirely the result of poor direction; a blockbuster is similarly a collective effort where the director should get a major share of the praise.

Black reels hurting arty Indians.The problem does not evoke a sense of emergency among the readers of this article. Accepted! But, as an audience you should also accept your money going wayward. You tend to believe reports from people who hardly connect with the art of film making. Bribes and personal endorsement from the producers ensure the box office results and then after those cold and rough three hours you have a tendency to accept the bleak prospects of a mindless film. A good movie fails to reach more audiences due to the similar reasons. How will the audience assess a movie when the preacher speaks ill of it without knowing the basic aesthetics of film making.

In this entire course of the article, I wanted to encourage new-age film students to come in front and take up the onus of describing films and its deeper implications. Film is a form of art that requires the collective effort of other artists and thus as a critic you should have the understanding of each of those sections, at least the basics. Satyajit Ray’s famous quote on his decision of making music for his films, “Ever since Two Daughters I’ve been composing my own music.” speaks vividly about the importance of a basic aptitude in all the forms of art that constitute a movie.

Motion pictures or films are almost like daughters to a director. They are nourished, fed, molded, reformed and corrected for so many reasons to be that piece of art. The art that causes tears and laughter in the theaters, that creation which demands claps and praises from the audiences and that piece of commerce which will fetch trust and money for the producer who believed in the concept of the film.  So, let film criticism evolve as an art in itself and not a duping profession that manages to draw a salary out of some dead words.

Signing off from the desk of my-motion-picture till critics rises with a new sun as the key-light of scenes and cinemas in India…


We are still lacking that extra zeal…


A heading photo!!!

A section of the audience in every movie theatre prefers to appreciate the work of the film maker keeping the flavour of the film and the message conveyed by the film in mind. They can see through the scenes of the film and read between the lines written by the writer and as the movie comes to the climax, they develop a perception about the merit of the film.

How we see Indian cinema!

In India, criticism is hardly enjoyed, forget about appreciation. A critical appreciation of a film, music piece or any other piece of art always helps an artist to improvise his skills and diminish the unforced errors… However, constructive criticism in Indian films including the regional film industries was never encouraged. The result? A hell lot of poor quality films hitting the theatres every week and our taste for quality cinema is almost breathing its last breadths.

They ruled the Industry.

 What is Cinema for  you?

If you can answer this question…

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Himmatwala TinKu…

Little Tinku was waiting for his Parents to come back after the movie..


Dad: What the heck are you doing with mY LaptOp?

Little TinkU: I was collecting Tweet-Reviews of  Sajid Bhai’s “Himmatwala” dad! You love him So much!! 😛

Mom: WhAt?

Dad: Do you have a D(k)ispirin?

Little TinkU:   Thank God, That was Friday.!. 😉 Today is April Fools Day! How was the movie Mom, :O 😛 Dad? (hand’s out the Paper and leaves…)

15803214-tweeter-blue-bird-sleeping  Some funny tweets of people who watched the “all time Classic” – Sajid    Khan’s “Himmatwala”...

1. @vikrammlmehra: “If u r feelin stressed ……Remember, someone somewhere is watching Himmatwala ;)”

2. @RGVzoomin: Dont know what to feel about this message I got…RGV KI AAG SEEMS LIKE A CULT CLASSIC COMPARED TO SAJID KHAN Ka HIMMATWALA

3. @kaliom: Just to make Sajid Khan not make any more horrendous movies..skip Himmatwala for our better future..

4. @Aviation_Freak: #JokeOfTheDay ” Virat Kohli blocked Tamanna after watching #Himmatwala 😀

5. @dev_11sept: The survivors of ‘Himmatwala’ will be given a prize. It will be a dvd of ‘RGV ki Aag’

6. @anuradhasays: There’s so much original, creative, fun work happening in entertainment. But all I hear is about ‘Himmatwala’:(

7. @JayHind: Himmatwala is not a remake of Himmatwala but Sajid Khan’s remake of Life of Pi. Ajay & The Tiger.

8. @kamaalrkhan: After watching #Himmatwala you will be sure that all awesome 3; Farah khan, Sajid khan & Shirish Kunder are competitors to prove who is worst?

9. @prasad_salvi: Compared to Himmatwala, Housefull is a masterpiece and Heyy Baby is an all time great movie.

10. @rsparam: A few mistakes in life make u realize how strong you really are.. Himmatwalla makes me realize I am a Himmatwala.

11. @keirron0009: Two minutes of silence for those who have advanced booked “Himmatwala” tickets and turned their Good Friday into a Bad one 😀

12. @Sadafzahra: #BreakingNews… Rahul Gandhi to visit the victims of #Himmatwala soon.. 😀  tweeter

13. @Itsmy_rule: Sir Ravindra Jadeja suffered from memory loss after watching Himmatwala.

I couldn’t help but post this superb compilation! I put that as in Little TinKu’s joke!! I mean, its Not even a joke! Its real bravery!

Serves them well, these directors and producers who push themselves harder every day to produce these senseless movies! Effing Mindless!!!

Read a review after this to know about seriously!