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How wonderful was that day when I first thought of using my petty digital camera to capture some moments of friendship on Kuldip's terrace. It was the afternoon of Vishwakarma Puja in Kolkata and people celebrate the day with worshiping their machines. Young lads and guys spend their day looking at the sky and managing …



A must watch video for all the fans and supporters of Anjan Dutt. For all of them who wish to know him better. For all of them who waits for his movies, songs or any other form of creative excellence… I will not say much about the movie and rather expect all of you to pour in and view this teaser of one of the best upcoming movies of this year!

My-motion-picture wishes the team of “Dutta vs. Dutta” all the luck.

Behind the scenes of “Dutta Vs. Dutta” – A YouTube video link.. (must watch!!!)

A special note of thanks to Mr. Anjan Dutt, as he was and he will be my inspiration for all my life. A word of wisdom is magnified, signified and well served when you say them, Sir!

Cast and Crew details:

o Ronodeep Basu,
o Anjan Dutt,
o Dipankar Dey,
o Rupa Ganguly,
o Arpita Chatterjee,
o Music Director:…

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Shyam Benegal speaks about Satyajit Ray…

A living legend expresses his regards for another immortal artist that India ever had... How Satyajit Ray influenced Mr. Shyam Benegal was rather my curiosity and that makes me pen down some thoughts and impression about these two spectacular men that Indian Cinema has ever witnessed!                 I …


An act of intervention should monitor the progress of the creative art (specially in case of motion pictures) and perceive the production in such a way that it acts as a catalyst to enlightenment and a social messenger for the entire country. However, India and its so-called intellectuals prefer to use their discretionary power in many other …