Dutta vs. Dutta – An excitement that transformed into understanding limitations in Indian Cinema!

Dutta vs. Dutta - An excitement that transformed into understanding limitations in Indian Cinema! Was it difficult to portray time that was so special to one’s heart in the best possible way or was it difficult to create the time when the story unfolds itself? I had even higher expectations from Dutta vs. Dutta than …


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An act of intervention should monitor the progress of the creative art (specially in case of motion pictures) and perceive the production in such a way that it acts as a catalyst to enlightenment and a social messenger for the entire country. However, India and its so-called intellectuals prefer to use their discretionary power in many other ways as well… Creative art is an endangered form of profession where the freedom of expression is fast disappearing. An authentic approach to cinema  and other forms of creative art is extremely necessary to ensure quality of these art forms!

 The word 'Cut', used more often by politicians than film makers!

A cartoon depicting the lack of freedom of expression in India!


Please voice your opinion about this senstitve issue and help creative minds breathe the fresh air… Vote above!!!

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Some snaps that touched my heart!@@


The journey of love and necessity and the urge for existence gives us the courage to live this (sometimes wretched) life with ease and grace. My attempt to capture some expressions that gave me food for thought at various cross-roads of my life is humbly displayed here..

Some moregraduating perceptionsgave me a sensible eye to see through the hearts of people in distress and suffering from a deep anguish in some or the other reason. I have displayed some of my work with lens and light in myfacebook albumas well.

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Sometimes an eerie feeling haunts me.. I am over expecting some situations and when it does This man helps me find light down the tunnel… Kudos!!! 🙂


An effort to materialize a vision, a dream and an imagination is reciprocated by one and all if and only if you have the courage to define the form of art that you want to profess, preach and practice. Cinema is a huge subject which tends to have its direct effects on my imagination and vision towards life. As an Indian citizen, I feel immense pride and pleasure to announce that a master of this art form was born in our country. He made his countrymen feel the pompous and gave them the opportunity to taste victory over their international counterparts in the field of cinema. India was marked in the map of International film industry after Satyajit Ray came into the picture.


The period was 1955; exactly 57 years ago the release of “Pather Panchali” marked the beginning of an era of “Neo-Realism” in Indian cinema. Satyajit Ray, son…

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