Capturing Expressions…

Aged couple beside a temple in Dhakuria, Kolkata
A love, measuring time and challenging society with mere aesthetic power!!!

The journey of love and necessity and the urge for existence gives us the courage to live this (sometimes wretched) life with ease and grace. My attempt to capture some expressions that gave me food for thought at various cross-roads of my life is humbly displayed here..

An old man selling apples near Lal bazar, Kolkata
They say, ” An apple a day, keeps the doctor away…”

Some more graduating perceptions gave me a sensible eye to see through the hearts of people in distress and suffering from a deep anguish in some or the other reason. I have displayed some of my work with lens and light in my facebook album as well.

Kites,  rooftop, Viswakarma puja, Kolkata
While the kites were sent to sky, a message of love is conveyed to the ones for whom you cry…

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