Sacred Trust

Unless you are too carried away by the social relevance of same-sex marriage getting an accreditation in the U.S., you will recognize the pain in their eyes… Child Labour as seen from the lens of Steve McCurry…


Life Breath of Half the World

As the monsoons hit India, the drenched souls longed for something wet and serene. Steve gave me that much awaited peace of mind through all these wonderful photographs..
Truly spectacular!

The Life of Things

The Life of things as it says has so much to speak and so much to share..
Steve, as always have touched my heart with his wonderful framing of light and transformed some frames to real portraits. No words can adequately do justice to describe these snaps but the ones chosen by Steve alongside..
I would ask my visitors to see and feel the pictures and associate life with the life of things


Through the lenses of Steve…

If there is a way to promote World peace, go back and love your family.
Mother Teresa.
The pictures in this album depict some of the unseen yet so candid emotions of human beings in various parts of this wretched planet. We prefer calling it the world. But isn’t it a hypothesis after all???

There is only one good-looking child in the world, and every mother has it.
– Chinese Proverb