Dutta vs. Dutta – An excitement that transformed into understanding limitations in Indian Cinema!

Dutta vs. Dutta – An excitement that transformed into understanding limitations in Indian Cinema!

Was it difficult to portray time that was so special to one’s heart in the best possible way or was it difficult to create the time when the story unfolds itself? I had even higher expectations from Dutta vs. Dutta than what it actually is. I am almost a blind follower and fan of Mr. Anjan Dutt and all his philosophies. I respect the man who had the courage to tell his stories and his uncanny experiences in the city. I expected a better form of story telling and it might be a personal impression.

We all have a teenage that is celebrated with deeds of immense bravery and courage as far as the time and the scope is concerned. It might not reach the standards of the stories told in the cinema, but it still remains close to our heart. The first cigarette, first crush, first kiss or the first shot of tequila that shook the world in-front of your eyes will always be special. The film took a step ahead in showing some matured relationships abiding the rules of realism and keeping the idiosyncratic Bengali-s in mind.

A visual imagery of Bengali-s and their value for education and intellect is depicted in many of the recent films. However, the metaphorical description and speaking fewer scenes (although describing everything) is best experienced in Mr. Dutt’s movies. I was searching an extension to those fond memories and I was disappointed.

I must say, the film was hurriedly completed and some scenes lacked heart and some characters were too feeble. Some wonderful actors were misused and some weak links were given more time on-screen. I would still fancy someone from the theater world as junior Dutt, who could compliment the stand out performance of my pied-piper (Gaanwala), Anjan Dutt as the senior Dutta of the story.

The film relived some moments of rejuvenated Bengal in terms of political perversity, musical movements and an offbeat hippie culture that was a new part of the city during the 70’s.  The difference between generations, the clash of identities and ideologies were so candidly shown throughout that it evokes a sense of kinship in the minds of the present generation as well. The problems may be different but the issues still remain the same.

As far as the story, music and screenplay is concerned, I didn’t get amazed like I get amazed every time I watched an Anjan Dutt movie. The movie was not like the contemporary ones we get to watch every day, although it lacked something that would actually beat the previous endeavors of the national award-winning director. I was excited before the movie started and now I understand what it takes to tell a story with so many layers and so many emotions. I still believe the director had some issues regarding the entire project that debarred him from improvising to the next highest level.

The film has thousand and one aspects to love, cherish, sing, relate, think, smile and cry and it will be a crowd puller for all reasons and I am extremely happy that films of these genres are hitting the theater halls and people are turning down glitzy Tamil remakes for the sake of true art and creativity. Cheers to the pioneers of alternate cinema. I still have a dream and you guys feed my dreams with the right nutrition.

A must watch for every Bong with a soul and every Bengali with a heart!

My rating :- 7/10….

P.S. Watch the trailer ::- A note to his father  expressing love and regards!


Shyam Benegal speaks about Satyajit Ray…

A master and institution in Alternate cinema
A master and institution in Alternate cinema

A living legend expresses his regards for another immortal artist that India ever had… How Satyajit Ray influenced Mr. Shyam Benegal was rather my curiosity and that makes me pen down some thoughts and impression about these two spectacular men that Indian Cinema has ever witnessed!

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I got filmed!


When I first saw this video I was trying to relate the time, the era and the magnificent collection that Ray and Bengal gifted us. It will be too harsh on my part to speak right now; I would rather request all my readers to view this short video where Mr. Shyam Benegal speaks about his experiences, influences and interaction with Satyajit Ray.

I would like to hear my readers and their views about these amazing people. My-motion-picture salutes the legend on screen and the man about whom he spoke with such candidness and reverence.

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