Through the lenses of Steve…

If there is a way to promote World peace, go back and love your family.
Mother Teresa.
The pictures in this album depict some of the unseen yet so candid emotions of human beings in various parts of this wretched planet. We prefer calling it the world. But isn’t it a hypothesis after all???

There is only one good-looking child in the world, and every mother has it.
– Chinese Proverb



When Nature Interact…

When Nature Interact...

Have you ever felt like this before?
You are standing alone and the wind whispers in you ears, you can so easily make out what those flowers on the roof-top tub wants to convey and it becomes so evident that you are in love. You are in love with this beautiful world!
I have always wanted to live a life full of holidays in such a way that my span in this world is marked as a vacation forever! Wish to be the closest neighbor of tranquility and peace! I wish this world never see hatred and learn the language of love from these neighboring beauties.