Straight from my heart – Muddy E minor- (part-I)

A recent film by Gladly Mukhopadhay was screened at Gorky Sadan Kolkata. The film was named as “The eternal journey”, was a dedication to one of the premier Bauls of Bengal, Subol Das Baul. His contribution towards folk music and his preachings as depicted in the film are mesmerizing.
Respect and High regards from the desk of my-motion-picture!!!


Music has always been a mystical source of enlightenment and entertainment for a mind and soul that longs for realization. I feel music describes happiness of a heart and the sadness of a soul like no other form of art. It has the language that metaphorically connects to the soul of an individual and soothes the scars indented by this materialistic world.

Indian music has a number of layers that can hardly be argued on a mere blog page. The enormous and enriching resource of Indian music leaves me amazed every time I try to estimate its profundity. I am inclined to popular form of music. I prefer a form of music that promulgates hope for one and all, kind of music that speaks about life and its journey towards the ultimate truth. Indian folk music is one of those kinds.  My knowledge about the entire folk music culture of…

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