We all want to stay in Hogwarts but are we all Harry Potter(s)?

Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion; since the 17th century, the methodical way has been the generally accepted way to explore, discover, and acquire new knowledge. The actual process of intellectual discovery, however, is rarely so simple or objective. The human mind often leaps from statement to conclusion with ease, and rushes impetuous into hypothesis. The same is happening with the Indian cinema and eventually hampering the Indian audiences.

Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion...
Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion…
Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment...
Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment…

Again, remember—you are the best judge! There are no right or wrong answers. Just thoughtful ones!! Anything catch your fancy? It can’t be true. Everything needs to be very much logical even not much clear on the conscious level. Cinema is far beyond the silence camera and action. It is the life portrayed through the eyes of a very intellectual man who, again, has started from the basis laws of science- Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, and Conclusion. The difference lies in perception.

There is a very smart saying the enemy of art is the absence of limitations. Let us not make this statement into a verbatim. The world has lot to see and why not we start being the leaders. Cinema does not fabricate heroes, it depicts lives. We all wish to be in Hogwarts and for that we do not need to be a Harry Potter!!!

Candidly put into words by: Shreya Goswami – Guest author @mymotionpicture!

Shreya also wrote about Santa this Christmas!

3 Replies to “We all want to stay in Hogwarts but are we all Harry Potter(s)?”

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