Who else wants to save plants and animals out here???

I agree..
Being a Hero is tougher than being that regular bad guy!!!
I shall deliberately wear my underwear over my PANTS!!!


Amateur Cartographer


I resolve to leave my vigilante days behind me,
instead finding a less dangerous hobby
where I can still wear spandex.

I resolve to hand in my leather mask
because for one:
its not as fashionable in real life
as on the glossy models of Superheroes Weekly
because the ladies don’t seem to like it
and for two:
bad hair days on its removal
and for three:
thats’s none of your freaking business.

I resolve to hang up my cape,
maybe dangling on a clothesline or
telephone wire-lines scratched
in a bedpost that “I was here.”

I resolve to change my life,
because saving the world
is a rather dangerous business.
There are always fewer casualties
but they’re always more significant.

The problem with being a hero
is though I may save the lives
of countless plants and animals,
I have to be there to see
when the one person…

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