An effort featuring in a website!

How wonderful was that day when I first thought of using my petty digital camera to capture some moments of friendship on Kuldip’s terrace. It was the afternoon of Vishwakarma Puja in Kolkata and people celebrate the day with worshiping their machines. Young lads and guys spend their day looking at the sky and managing kites with their glass threaded skills!

A montage by Sudipto Roy.

I filmed some of my friends on 17th of September this year and edited the video with a background score from “Cry of the Spirits”. The video was chosen as one of the contenders in the category of the most promising short film directors. I expect a number of viewership from my friends and fellow bloggers to enhance my chance of winning this coveted reward.

The short film is named as “Touch Sky Hallucination!” and I hereby attach the link of this video that got featured in one of the prestigious websites of online cinema!

Please visit the page from the link above, watch the video and provide ratings…

Hope to hear from you soon friends…

Thank you!


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