Relationships as Grand as Grand-Pa…

If love had a language it was as innocent as a wet butterfly on a petal of rose in the early morning. I shall always turn back and see those days spent with my Grandfather like a summer that never tires you, like a winter that never collapses you, like the rains that soothe your heart and soul and never leaves you completely drenched. I miss him!

This is a note of love for my grandfather in a way where I say this cute couple (grandfather and grandson) and captured their expressive love in each others company. I am sure this sweet little chap will grow one day and cherish these memories. Love is such a dumb expression and yet so lucid, yet so calm! Words fail, and eyes speak… Tears conserved and smiles in abundance!

To every grandfather, grandson, granddaughter and grandmother on this lovely planet!

What do you think?

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